The Best Way to Sell Your Books Online

Most people have a considerable number of old books stored in their homes that they are probably never going to use. The easy solution to the problem is to give them away. You can do that at the school in your neighborhood, an old home, a shelter or any library. Freecycle has a list of all the nearby places that take gifts, including global charities.

However if you need to make some money, there are a couple of good approaches to do it. A few ideas have been discussed in this article.

Offer your books for sale on Amazon

You can offer your books for a great deal of money on websites such as eBay and Abebooks. Amazon, however, is the greatest and most popular online book store, so it’s the best place to offer your books.


Amazon gives the option to list your book in the “New and Used” segment of their seller’s page. What’s more, with this strategy, you’ll be notified when somebody purchases a book from your posting and you can deliver it yourself. For each book sold, Amazon takes $0.99 for expenses but also pays for a percentage of the transportation costs.

To sell eBooks online, you have to create an Individual Seller Account with Amazon. Ensure you don’t agree to a Professional Seller Account, or you’ll be hit with a $40 month to month expense.

When you do that, it’s anything but difficult to list a book. Punch in the ISBN of the book you need to sell, and it’ll be uploaded on the website. You can then continue to describe the condition of the book in detail. Amazon shows you the prices on offer for the same book by other sellers and you can then set your own rate accordingly. Since the weight of the book is already known by the website, the shipping costs are calculated automatically.

That’s all there is to it! If someone orders the book you will be notified immediately so you can ship it out to them in time.

Allow Amazon to sell the books for you

This is the most favored technique and even though it requires some work in the beginning, you don’t need to continually deliver out books yourself. Furthermore, once you set it up, you can earn a large percentage of the book’s original value. Then the website uploads the product listing for a fee and sells it themselves paying you back the difference.

Although if the book is not valued very high you can lose some money since a flat fee is charged for each book sold through this service. This plan is not recommended for those books that are in a bad or distressed condition. Another tip is that the book must be sold in under six months otherwise Amazon charges for storing them in their warehouse.

To use this method of selling eBooks online you should head on to Amazon Seller Central and list down all the books you are offering for sale just like the method given above. However it is important that you make sure to select the option that Amazon should handle customer service, and shipping for the items. After you are done the Amazon Seller Central shows you the shipping slip which you can print and paste on the box which you will be sending to the Amazon offices. Amazon will handle the rest of the sales process and just let you know when your book has been sold. You can also have a say in the prices of the books through the Inventory page on your Amazon account. ” you can sell anything online. Even sell your Jewelry with platforms like Shopify!